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Beats Added This Month:

Title Producer Genre BPM
Wired (ft. Oxygen Beats) JBZ Beats Dark, Gangster, Hyphy, Dubstep 85
Redemption Day Kamilson Hip Hop, Old School, East Coast 89
Down On Me Kamilson R&B, Pop, Club 98
Million Dollar Beat PR Beats Hip Hop, Old School, East Coast 60
Yesterday JBZ Beats New School, R&B, Pop 61




My name is Jared White aka "JBZ Beats". I'm an aspiring 23 year old music producer, college student, and internet entrepreneur. I currently work with rap, hip-hop, and electronic instrumentals.

I was born in New Mexico, and grew up in Michigan. As a kid I always loved music, and wanted to create it. I started making beats at the age of 13, and started selling beats under the alias "Pizzaboy Productions" at age 15.

8 years have passed now, and I'm still working towards success. I believe that your passion can and should be your job, so that's the dream I'm chasing. I'm always looking to help others do the same.

If you have any questions about anything, email me at jared@jbzbeats.com, or text/call 231-499-4048

If music is your passion, make it happen.